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  1. Pursuant to Section 20 (1) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information the following aspects shall be defined in the context of the functionality and operation of cookies of the webshop:
    1. an indication of the fact that data is being collected
    2. the data subjects targeted
    3. the purpose of data collection
    4. the duration of the proposed processing operation
    5. the potential data controllers with the right of access
    6. information of data subjects in terms of their rights related to data processing
  2. The cookies typically applied by webshops are the so-called password-protected session cookies, shopping cart cookies, and security cookies, the use of which does not require the prior consent of the data subjects.
  3. The fact that data is being processed and the data targeted: individual identification number, dates, times
  4. The data subjects targeted: All website visitors are data subjects.
  5. The purpose of data processing: to identify users, keep records of the "shopping cart" and to monitor visitors.
  6. The duration of data management, deadline for deletion of data: In the case of session cookies, the duration of data management is over when the visit of the websites is finished.
  7. The potential data controllers with the right of access: Data controllers do not process personal data by using cookies.
  8. Information of data subjects in terms of their rights related to data processing: Data subjects have the option to delete the cookies in the Tools/Setting menu option in their browsers, typically under the Data Protection option.
  9. The legal basis of the processing operation: The consent of data subjects is not required provided that the exclusive purpose of the use of cookies is to transfer information via the electronic communication system or if such use is essential for the service provider to provide the service related to the information society and explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.
  10. Service Provider measures website traffic by using Google Analytics service. Data are transferred in the course of service. The transferred data are not suitable for the identification of the data subject. More information on Google's data protection and privacy policy: